is a website with a webshop aimed at stimulating healthy eating for children by providing information about healthy food and selling an ever-changing range of lunch boxes, drinking cups and related items.

We ask you for your personal data when you place an order, register for the newsletter, create an account, submit a contact request or want to be kept informed of items when they are back in stock. handles your personal data very carefully. No more personal data is collected and shared with others than is absolutely necessary. Also technically and organisationally, Bentofan makes every effort to protect your personal data properly and adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bentofan and Personal Data

The GDPR stipulates that you voluntarily, so without pressure, share your personal data and are well aware of what these personal data are asked for.
That is why all forms to be completed, such as the order and contact form, also ask for your permission for the processing of your personal data. Your permission therefore applies for a specific purpose: such as sending your order or answering your request for information.
We do not resell data, use it for marketing purposes and keep the data as short as possible. You always have the option to view, change or correct your data. And certainly not least: we do everything that is required by law and organizationally possible to keep your data as safe as possible.

Which personal data does Bentofan collect and for what purpose?

Bentofan asks you for personal data

  • that are necessary for the settlement of purchases from the webshop. This concerns: name, billing address, shipping address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, and bank details. Bentofan adheres to the applicable tax legislation, including the retention periods for the administration (7 years).
  • necessary to create an account. This concerns your email address, password, billing address details, shipping address details and your telephone number.
  • necessary for making a wish list (via your account). This concerns your email address and password.
  • necessary to respond to a request for contact. This concerns: name and e-mail address.
  • necessary for the dispatch of the newsletter. This concerns your e-mail address.
  • necessary for a notification when items you are looking for are back in stock. This concerns your e-mail address.
  • necessary to exclude spam. This concerns name, e-mail address and IP address.

No profiles of users of the website are created. There is no automated decision-making.

Access, correction or deletion of personal data

If you submit a request in writing, Bentofan will provide you – also in writing – with an overview of the personal data known to us about you. If it turns out that this correction is necessary, this correction will be made and confirmed to you. You will be asked to identify yourself.
Bentofan will also – at your written request and after identification – delete personal data, with the exception of those that are necessary for the implementation of the applicable (tax) legislation. You will also be informed of this in writing.

If you wish, the organizations that have received your data for the purpose of processing will also be asked to delete them.

You can always, if you feel that this is necessary because your rights or freedoms are insufficiently guaranteed, submit a substantiated complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Our website does not intend to collect data about website visitors under the age of 16, unless they have permission from their parents or guardian. However, we cannot check whether a visitor is older than 16. If you are convinced that we have collected personal information about a minor without this permission, please contact us at , we will delete this information.

Retention period of personal data

The retention periods of the above-mentioned data registered by Bentofan are determined by the importance of the data for the implementation of the above-mentioned objectives. In concrete terms, this means the following:

  • The storage of data supplied for assignments and orders are kept in accordance with the retention periods of the applicable (tax) legislation.
  • Personal data that is received by Bentofan on the basis of the contact form, without the contact having resulted in an order or assignment, will be deleted after 7 years after the (contact) request has been settled. Telephone numbers of persons requesting information by telephone will be removed after the telephone conversation, unless it has been agreed that follow-up is still required. If that is the case, the telephone number will be deleted after the follow-up, unless an agreement (order) follows.
  • Email addresses of persons for the newsletter are kept until the person concerned unsubscribes.
  • Account information will be retained until the account holder submits a written request to delete it.

With which third parties does Bentofan share its data?

Your personal data – insofar as they are necessary for processing an order – will be used and shared by:

  • Bentofan itself
  • The financial institution involved in processing your order.
  • The shippers involved in the handling of your order and the website hosting company.
  • The webmaster insofar as relevant for solving technical problems and keeping the website in good condition, including security.
  • The Tax and Customs Administration (if it asks)

In addition, only Bentofan itself, the hosting company, and if necessary the webmaster, have access to personal data that is necessary for sending the newsletter or handling a contact request.

In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, Bentofan has drawn up a ‘register of processing activities’.

Security and storage

Bentofan takes the security of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes.

The security of personal data takes place via the physical security of the SSL certificates of the hosting company, logical and physical (access) security and security of equipment. It provides patch management, regular software updates and backups, automatic deletion of obsolete data and encryption of data. The Wordfence plug-in is used to optimize the security of the website.

In addition, the aforementioned processing agreements are concluded with all third parties involved, as provided for in the GDPR. Insofar as they cannot be regarded as a ‘processor’, they have declared themselves ‘compliant with the GDPR’.
The organizational processes are also optimally adjusted to security.

Contact details of Bentofan

You can reach Bentofan via the following contact details:
phone nr. (+31)(0)643049006

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