Bento food picks – Color eye

Bento food picks – Color eye


Eye love you!
Make lunch come to life with these fun eye food picks, great for adding some character to all sorts of foods, including veggies, fruits and muffins. Or for adding that finishing touch to an animal-shaped sandwich. Mix and match to create fun expressions, with winking, surprised, starry and round eyes, all included in the pack.

An angry sandwich, a twinkling broccoli, a winking egg, cherries in love… You’re only limited by your imagination.

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Set of 10 picks
1 pair of eyes in love
1 pair of evil eyes
1 pair of twinkling eyes
1 pair of surprised eyes
2 dizzy eyes
2 dreamy eyes
2 sleeping eyes

– Food safe material: ABS
– Sizes: 3.6 to 4.2 cm.

Bento food picks add fun and excitement to your child’s lunch. Encourage the tasting of new and different foods by adding these food picks to your bento stash.

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