Sushi Sticks Mold

Sushi Sticks Mold


The best SUSHI HACK for the lunch box: the SUSHI STICK!

With this mold you can make sushi that you can prepare in advance! Nori becomes soggy after a few hours and therefore the classic maki sushi roll is not suitable if you want to prepare the lunch a day in advance. You can use small pieces of nori to decorate the sushi sticks. The nori ‘sticks’ to the rice and stays in place. You can use the included nori punches to cut out fun shapes.

Fill the sushi mold with rice, add a tasty filling and your sushi stick is ready. If you prepare the bento a day in advance, simply store the sushi sticks in the refrigerator. Dip the sushi sticks in the soy sauce and give the sauce in leak-proof sauce bottles.

Bento tip: color the rice in all kinds of beautiful colors, so that the sushi sticks can also be used in theme bentos.

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Sushi Sticks Mold

Prepare the rice as indicated on the packaging. Fill the mold halfway with rice, place the filling in the center and cover with another layer of rice. Press the lid on top of the rice. Push the rice out of the mold. Use the nori cutters to decorate the sushi sticks with the fun faces. Or decorate with hearts and stars. Place the nori on the silicone mat and press out the shapes with the cutter. The nori ‘sticks’ to the rice and stays in place.

Sushi stick shape and Nori cutters
– Incl. 2 nori punches + silicone mat
– Incl. storage box (for 2 sushi sticks)
– Food-safe material: PP (rice mold) and ABS (nori cutters)
– Suitable for the dishwasher


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