What is bento?

What is bento?

Make your picky eater happy with cheerfully prepared, healthy meals! A bento is a healthy meal, beautifully presented on a plate or in a bento box . A bento box is characterized by the different compartments to separate food from each other. Bento is originally an ancient and popular Japanese custom.

The idea of bento is that you make a healthy meal attractive by making fun figures of food or using bento accessories that appeal to your child. It’s easy and fun to do. Tasting becomes fun for your child and the care and love you have put into preparing the meal will be rewarded with a smile and a full belly!

Is your child a picky eater?

As parents, we want our children to eat healthy. Bento is the way to make healthy food attractive and it offers you a positive solution when your child doesn’t want to taste or eat.

Bento in Japan

Bento is an ancient Japanese custom. Taking a healthy bento to school or work is very common there. In Japan, the beautiful preparation of a healthy lunch has even become an art. For some Japanese mothers, it is a competition to make the most impressive lunch for their child. The main ingredient of the traditional Japanese bento is rice, supplemented with protein (fish, meat, egg, tofu, etc.), vegetables and fruit. There is something magical about opening the bento. Beautiful food tastes best for children. Did you know that the healthiest children in the world live in Japan?

Bento meals

The main ingredient of our bento meals is vegetables. We make our bento boxes with seasonal fruit and vegetables and we vary a lot with grains and proteins. When making a bento, we use bento accessories for a playful layout. Vegetables, fruits and other new things look attractive and delicious. With a bento you provide that important extra vegetable moment during the day, varying is easy and everything stays fresh and tasty. A bento is eaten at room temperature, so heating is not necessary.

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